Carbon Anderson is a genre and medium fluid artist that has been focused on painting and music.


In their practice they seek to dissolve binaries and reveal the subtleties of the perceptual experience. The body floats, falls, is buoyed, weighted, fragmented, temporarily dissolved. The mind takes fantasy forms and is released from gravity, then returns home. Cycles of tension and release, playfulness and grief. Meaning becomes a shared poetic space of potential rather than prescriptive.


Their use of dye as medium is analogous with their use of the synthesizer, where part of the practice is to create a situation or environment for forms to move through and allowing unexpected results to emerge. Release of control encourages a complexity beyond the self.


Carbon is a resident DJ for Radio Bonita as Apt Complex, hosting the series Renewal+. They are a co-organizer for Real Blue Love Rips, a seasonal groove occasion and left-field label in collaboration with Reggie Smith (aka Rage.inald.)