People That is Doing This (Ljudje, ki to počnejo)

collaboration between Julie Nymann + Alessandra Hoshor

4 Channel Video Projection + 2 TV Video Installation, 2013

People That is Doing This (Ljudje, ki to počnejo), is a collaborative performance, video, and installation project from Julie Nymann and Alessandra Hoshor.

People That is Doing This began as an exploration of the subconscious fantasies of an imagined person. The initial sketches began with several videos of these fantasies. The first, TONGUE BATH, was a sequence of tongues being showered in water. This led to an examination of performance as an embodiment of fantasy. The performances began in the studio and travelled to the stages of abandoned night-clubs and empty theaters. The performances engaged the vacillating relationships between power, spectacle, parody, objectification, and actualization.

The stages for the performances offer no audience, no public with which to engage. The performer becomes the witness to their own spectacle. Rituals of glamour are conducted in a spotlight, engaging a mythology of fame and validation in an intimate vacuum. The video works both reveal the potential meaninglessness of the rituals and indulge the fantasies.


My Moments of Glory, 0:08:34, 16:9 HD, Stereo, 2013 
Window Shopping, 0:12:26, 16:9 HD, Stereo, 2013 
Text Piece for TV, 0:03:34 (looping), 4:3 SD, Silent, 2013 
Fantasy No.48 (Licking) Performance with Video, 0:03:09 (looping), 4:3 SD, 2013
Fantasy No.22 (After-party) Installation with confetti, 0:02:25 (looping), 16:9 HD, 2013
Fantasy No.17 (Glitter Hairspray) 0:02:06 (looping), 16:9 HD, Silent, 2013


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Text Piece for TV, People That is Doing This, 2013

My Moments of Glory, People That is Doing This, 2013